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Premium 6%Yogurt

Arvand yogurts contain 5 active probiotic cultures.

Arvand premium is a thick and creamy plain yogurt with a smooth texture and delightfully mild flavour. No compromises here.

Low Fat 2%Yogurt

Arvand low fat is a light plain yogurt with medium firm texture and a pleasantly refreshing flavor, suitable for the calorie conscious diet.

10% Double Cream Yogurt

The 10% double cream is an exceptionally rich and flavourful treat, ideal for sumptuous dessert recipes or marvelous yogurt dips. Its a lower fat alternative to ice cream or sour cream.

Greek Style 6% Yogurt

Extra thick, double creamy, with an outstanding flavour. Ideal for preparing Tzatziki dip and other savoury yogurt preparations and dressings.

Sour Cream

The 14% sour cream is also extra thick and smooth, suitable for all restaurant and deli applications.

Lemon Juice – 4.5L

Produced in a unique process that preserves the robust flavour and fruity aroma of lemons. Perfect for lemon potatoes, lemon pie or any other recipe requiring lemon juice.