Arvand yogurts contain 5 active probiotic cultures.


premium 6% yogurt

Arvand premium is a thick and creamy plain yogurt with a smooth texture and delightfully mild flavour. No compromises here.


Low Fat Yogurt


Arvand lowfat is a light plain yogurt with medium firm exture and a pleasantly refreshing flavour, suitable for the calorie conscious diet.

10 % yogurt

The 10% Double Cream is an exceptionally rich and flavourful treat, ideal for sumptuous dessert recipes or marvelous yogurt dips. Its a lower fat alternative to Ice cream or sour cream.

Top off Arvand yogurts with your favorite seasonal fresh fruit, canned fruits, jams, granola or nuts and honey. Start your own yogurt bar with unique creations that reflect your personal taste and nutritional needs. This is the healthiest traditional way to enjoy yogurt without the compromises typical of readymade fruity yogurts containing excessive sweeteners, artificial texturizers, colorings and preservatives