Gourmet Dairy Products


Arvand is a line of gourmet dairy products prepared from the freshest local ingredients.

As a small family owned artisan dairy, our commitment to simple, traditional recipes using wholesome, all natural ingredients has yielded the most delectable cultured dairy products that are the preferred brand of Vancouver’s top chefs and discerning craft dairy connoisseurs.

Our daily milk supply comes directly from the farm, not the provincial milk pool. Milked at 6 AM, the product is processed by 10 AM and on the store shelves the following morning, achieving maximum freshness with minimal carbon footprint. This traditional micro dairy model allows us optimum quality control from animal feed all the way to the store shelves. We know many of our consumers by first name. 


In 2001 Arvand introduced an innovative “Greek Style” yogurt for the ethnic market in  Vancouver.  As an economical and versatile alternative to strained yogurt. it became an overnight success and has remained a top seller for over a decade.  For Vancouver’s Mediterranean, Greek and Middle Eastern community, Arvand is as good as gold.


It took the rest of the dairy industry nearly seven years to catch up, but today Greek Style yogurts are the most popular and the fastest growing segment of the dairy market in North America.  



Arvand is named after a river in the fertile crescent, the birth place of the first pastoralist societies.